Why do headhunters have a preference for candidates with more than 5 years of experience?

Generally speaking, headhunters tend to look for three to five years of work experience when screening candidates. This is necessarily a cause, because a person who works less than one year in the same unit is considered to be poor in stability, and less than two years will be considered unfaithful, while in the same company and the same post for five to eight years, it will be considered to have a lower position, a mediocre ability, and uncompetitive on the job.

The best job hopping time is 3-5 years in the same company.

Whether it is HR or headhunter, one of the most important points for the applicant is “loyalty”, because an enterprise does not want to work hard to make a wedding for others. Generally speaking, the headhunters think that in the same job for 3-5 years in the same company, if the position does not rise and the salary does not increase, we should consider the internal transfer or external job hopping to add value, otherwise the individual’s value and ability will not go back.

Why is it 3 – 5 years?

In the first year, a person is often a familiar process of “playing soy sauce” in the first year of entering a new working environment, whether it is a colleague or a cross line shift. In the first second years, it is possible to enter the role slowly, truly integrate into the enterprise culture, and be familiar with the connotation of their products. After the first 2 years of accumulation, the real achievement has been achieved in third years. But this is the key period for the job and salary increase

If the job hopping into a new environment, the time for “soy sauce” will be shortened, but it will not be less than 6 months, and it will be third years to achieve a greater increase in the position and treatment. Moreover, the supervisor’s expectations for employees are mostly concentrated in second, third years. Therefore, in the third years after entering a new environment, if there is no significant achievement, even if a person does not take the initiative in resigning, I am afraid the supervisor will not be able to sit down.

The three year is also the deadline for most formal enterprises to sign contracts for the first time. If approved by the company, then the contract will be renewed.

If the personal performance is excellent, in third years did not get the job promotion or because there is no vacancy inside, please do not choose not to renew the contract on the date of the contract. After all, it is better to be mature than to be successful, and to continue to consolidate the achievements of your work, and see if there is any opportunity for improvement in fourth, fifth years.

If you have the privilege of being promoted within fourth or fifth years, then continue in this position, still for three to five years, set the next goal for yourself.

If in the past fourth, fifth years, with outstanding achievements, but no higher position or salary, the most sensible choice is job hopping. Because the environment has become a bottleneck, and the personal desire to win and the ambition is at a high point, the job hopping can not only get higher positions and treatment, but also continue to continue the desire to win.

If you choose to live or live in the status quo, then you will face the danger of “born in trouble, and die of peace”, because the lack of more space for development will slowly weaken the desire for victory, and time will slowly passivate the personal aspirant, once such a day lasts more than 2 years, a person’s sharpness will be It is difficult to grind and try to regain the ambition of the year. In such a state of job hopping, it’s hard for you to have the confidence to win a higher position and salary. Because enterprises prefer a passionate and creative mind instead of being complacent and enterprising.

In the same position of the same company, once the golden period of 3-5 years of job hopping is missed, the demand for ease is greater than the desire to win. With the increase of age and the burden of family trifles, the inertia of people will become more and more innermost, and eventually become a nine – to – five office worker.

Some people, though their positions are from staff to supervisors and managers, salaries increase at 5~8% per year, and remain competitive for more than 5 years. Many people are no longer brave enough to accept new things and to increase their 5~8% every year. But in the job hopping, HR will only start with your current salary, and then increase 10~30%, because the longer you work and the lower the treatment. For HR, it shows that your value will not give you more than 50% of the increase in salary at this level.

3-5 years, especially in fourth or fifth years, the employee has just passed the freshness of the original unit, and is tired of the old environment, when the job hopping to a new environment will continue to stimulate its creative thinking. It is difficult for employees to continue to eat old books. They can only learn to improve themselves and further consolidate their abilities. They are a win-win situation for themselves.