Why can’t I find a good job? What mistakes did you make?

1. You don’t know your value.

A job seeker who truly understands his or her own value is often more likely to find the job he wants – because they are very aware of their ability to work and where their resources are located in the industry, and thus become more confident in the negotiation of salary and benefits.

2. you will not use your resume to express yourself

Don’t think that writing a resume is a ridiculous thing. In reality, there are many such job seekers! The lack of logic, unclear, semantic ambiguity, exaggeration, and even sending resumes that do not match the position can not leave the recruiter Good impression, and will not provide you with an interview opportunity.

Workplace Raiders: Why can’t you find a good job? What mistakes did you make?

3. You have not maintained active and effective communication with the headhunter.

With age and work experience, you need to learn to deal with headhunters. In many cases, this is much more effective than the “Haitou” resume on major recruitment websites. A headhunter who knows your value and understands your job search intentions can help you find the hottest position in the industry and get the highest salary for you. Learn to be friends with them, and you can learn a lot of insider information that is not known to outsiders.

4. did not have the right interview skills

The interview is a great opportunity to show yourself again. Have you caught it? Unfortunately, many job seekers do not. There are some interview skills to keep in mind, such as complaining that the former boss can’t win the interviewer’s sympathy for you, only let the other party think that you are immature and lack of professionalism; on the one hand, you can get a salary that is very different from your actual experience and ability. It will only leave the bad impression of working for money and so on.