What do you do at the age of 25 can benefit a lot in 5 years?

First of all, it is not important to do something at the age of 25, but how to do it is the most important thing.

Reading, fitness, programming, painting, running, learning, we all know that doing this is very good for us. Who the fuck doesn’t know?


I have a classmate who thinks he is very smart.

He knows very well how much money he spends in peacetime. He has a strong purpose before doing things.

He is a very calculating person at work.

One must pay immediate attention to his reward, otherwise he will not work hard.

When leaders assign tasks, they always play tricks on them, pushing difficult and difficult tasks to colleagues around them. And get yourself a simple task.

Because difficult things will temper all kinds of abilities, my classmates’ business level has not been improved. In the same period, some of them entered the company, and some of them went directly to headquarters.

After a few years, wages haven’t improved much. I heard him calling me a few days ago. The salary of the newly arrived college student is almost the same as that of him.

And my other college classmate, John, is very dedicated to doing things and learning.

He recognized a goal, like a neurosis, and rushed forward like a madman.

We used to think he was silly.

After graduating from college, he worked as a living and worked as a living.

He learns from everyone, even if his boss makes trouble for him and scolds him. He can also learn from his boss. Because he knows that people around him are stronger than themselves.

Once I called to talk about my job. He told me that every company is a business school. There are many problems that can be answered here.

What is the chief financial officer?

How does the company work? What is the link? What is the function of each link?

How does the company develop the market? Which channel to use to open up?

How to build trust with customers?

What does our marketing do?

How do you put in the advertisement? How do you recycle the data?

How does the data be analyzed? How can we make competitive analysis so that we can not lag behind?

I heard what he said, and I really agreed.

He now runs his own company and is among the best among us.

It is not to instigate everyone to play with their lives, but to make a point. All success requires effort and perseverance.

Like Agam, he must go to the end if he can identify anything. In the end, learning will never stop.

It is stupid to be smart, but stupid is the real smart.


Many people go online to find learning methods. They do not really want to find learning methods, but are looking for shortcuts.

Now we are impetuous, and want to pay nothing, and want everything.

Life doesn’t give you anything, especially when you don’t want to work hard. Many students who have just graduated from college say they are busy and busy. They need to sing and relax, need to give themselves a holiday. They need to go to bed early and need to get up late. They also need to work well, make more money and have a strong ability. In such a day, time is obviously not enough. How should we balance it? Sorry, this can’t be balanced. You want too much.

People always make great efforts to make others feel effortless. There is no money in the world, nor is it hard to pay for it.


Do you have to force yourself?

If someone really drives a gun to you, tell you that if you don’t finish your dream, you will die.

You will also eat potato chips and catch up with the drama, saying that there is too little time for work and no time to improve themselves.

In life, no one around us has been forcing us to realize our dreams.

Too many of us are trying to rest.

Too much to do and too little to do.

Life is very real, you will be, will not be. Really can’t be false. The fake is not true.

People do not force themselves, never know how good they are.