What can’t be said during the interview?

Each interviewer has an approximate “standard answer” before asking questions. It can also be considered as the most wanted words. If you can happen by chance, then the big extra points should be no problem. Unfortunately, the same question for different interviewers, the “standard answer” often varies widely. To pursue this ever-changing “standard answer” is definitely half the battle.

In my opinion, job hunting is a process of two-way choice. There is no relationship between them. Therefore, in the case of not rude, it is ok to show yourself as sincerely as possible.

But since it is to discuss “what are the words that can’t be said during the interview?”, of course, a few representative ones should be cited for your reference:

1, big words. Especially the obvious big words. (Note that anyone who comes to the interview, except for manpower, is generally a person who is familiar with the field. Don’t think about your own big words and exaggerated ability to get a trial.)

2, about the interviewer’s personal personal problem (he is really not familiar with you)

3, the bad words of the company and colleagues, especially the fierce critical language (even if they are really not easy to get along with, it is really bad for you, but in the eyes of the new company, you will think that you are not so good.)

4. Don’t pull things that are not related to the interview.

5. Project success is your own credit.

6, did not understand the problem to talk about it, hit the section trial officer, grab the words and so on.

7, can not work overtime!

8. I still have an interview, in a hurry.

9. Various non-mainstream reasons for leaving the company, as well as various experiences and events that appear to have non-mainstream tendencies.

10. Ask if you are unable to leave in advance during the probationary period.

11. Repeatedly ask for details of the treatment.

12. Questioning the strength of the company. For example, ask “Is not an intermediary company” and so on.

To add, if you want to improve the interview success rate, you should do the following 3 points:

1. Try to show your strengths, honesty, and so on.

2. Let the interviewer see your goals at this stage.

3. What can you do for the company and what?