Several important things to pay attention to during the interview

Method / step

Prepare a paper resume

After receiving the interview call, try to prepare several paper resumes in advance, and remember to bring a paper resume when you attend the interview. Although the employer may download your resume from the recruitment online, the use of the resume may not be very useful, but if you bring your resume, it will make the employer feel that you are a very careful person, increase your impression points.

Dress clean

Maybe you are a slovenly person, but you should dress yourself up during the interview. You don’t have to wear formal attire, but the dress must be clean. This can also leave a good impression on the interviewer.

Dress clean

In the interview, in order to further understand you, the interviewer often asks you to take a few minutes to introduce yourself. Self-introduction is also very knowledgeable. It is too easy to be annoying to the interviewer. The language must be concise and short. Refined language outlines your work experience, strengths, etc.

Why do you want to leave?

Why is it necessary to leave the job is also a question that the interviewer must ask. Maybe you are choosing to leave because the original unit is not well-paid or because you don’t have a good relationship with a colleague, but you can’t say it with the interviewer, otherwise they will think that you care too much about your immediate interests. For this problem, you may wish to tell the interviewer that you need a development platform that is more conducive to your own.

Talk about your shortcomings

Some interviewers will also let you talk about your shortcomings. The interviewer asks this question, the purpose is to understand your own deficiencies, so smart job seekers show that they are talking about their shortcomings, but actually It is the advantage of being revealed. For example, you can answer this question: My shortcoming is that there is no time concept, and I always work overtime to get the job done.

professional concern

Professional questions must be asked during the interview process. Maybe you haven’t been involved in some professional problems. At this time, you can make up for the shortcomings by showing your own learning ability. After all, many companies value your potential.

Prepare for multiple rounds of interviews

Good units usually have two or more rounds of interviews. The first round is often the initial understanding of the personnel department. The next step is the professional assessment. Therefore, as a job seeker, don’t be complacent because of a round of second round interviews. Be sure to have the mental preparation to deal with multiple rounds of interviews.