Several common interview questions answering skills


Question: As for the position you applied for, what do you think you still lack?

Answers: Businesses like to ask job seekers for weaknesses, but savvy job seekers generally do not answer directly. They want to see such job seekers: continue to repeat their own advantages, and then say: “For this position and my ability, I believe that I am competent, but lack of experience, I think I can enter the company after this problem. In the shortest possible time, my learning ability is very strong. I believe that I can quickly integrate into the company’s corporate culture and get into work.” Businesses like job seekers who can skillfully escape the puzzle.


Question: How do you understand the position you are applying for?

Answer Tip: Explain the job responsibilities and tasks and work attitudes.


Question: Do you prefer to work independently or collectively?

Answer: I have no preference for independent work or collective work. If the work is closer to the team work, I will be very happy. If the work requires considerable autonomy, I also like to be responsible for such work.

Comments: If you know that the nature of the job you are applying is autonomous or you need to rely on collective cooperation, then you can decide to answer this question. But if you don’t know anything, no matter how you answer it, you may get into trouble. So don’t let yourself have to choose between the two, you don’t have to say which one you like.


Question: How do you see the problem of lack of work experience?

Answer: “I really lack work experience. When I was studying, I paid attention to this problem. As a student, I can only use the holidays for social practice, go to work in the company, exercise, usually work and study, and worked in a company. This is a company’s evaluation of me.”

Comments: How to understand, how to explain the lack of experience, lack of experience is not without experience. A person who has worked in the same position for five years does not mean that he has five years of experience. He is most likely to repeat the one-year experience five times.