One minute of self introduction, how to say the most exciting

A short self-introduction in the interview was actually designed to uncover more in-depth interviews. A minute of self-introduction needs to show off the best of your own, unreservedly, and make a deep impression on the other side.


To be sure of it, you must first know what benefits you can bring to the company. Of course, you can’t speak empty words, you must prove it by fact.

The best thing is to be able to show past achievements. For example, you have done web design for a company in the past and have won awards or praise. But of course, these examples must be related to the nature of the business of the current company. The higher the position, the more important the self-awareness is. The individual’s success or failure should be lost and recorded in the diary. In this way, you can always understand your weaknesses and strengths.

Give it a good job

After you understand your strengths, you can begin to prepare your own introductions: including work patterns, strengths, skills, outstanding achievements, professional knowledge, academic background, and so on. The benefits are numerous, but only a short one, so everything is still relevant to the company. If it is a computer software company, you should talk about the topic of computer software: If you are a financial and financial company, you can tell him about money, and in short, vote for it.

But one thing to keep in mind: where the topic goes. It is important to highlight its contribution to the company, such as increasing turnover, reducing costs, and exploring new markets.

The order in which the ordering content is placed is also extremely important. Whether it is able to grasp the attention of the audience is all about the way the event is arranged. So in the top position, it should be what you most want him to remember. These things are generally your favorite. At the same time, some relevant works or records can be added to increase the impression score.

body language

No matter how wonderful the content is, if there is no beautiful packaging, it will not be possible. Therefore, in self-introduction, you must pay attention to your performance in all aspects, especially the voice. Don’t introduce yourself in the tone of reading. It is best to find some friends to practice beforehand, try to make the sound line sound smooth and natural, full of confidence.

Body language is also an important part, especially eye contact. This not only makes the audience’s concentration, but also shows confidence. There has been a report that the daily communication, non-linguistic, accounted for 70%. Therefore, if you want to interview successfully, you should pay attention to your body language.