Nine bad habits that must be quit in promotion and salary increase

Frequently late. Are you often late for work or meetings? Being late is the seed that makes the boss and colleagues resent. It conveys the message: You are a person who only considers himself and lacks the spirit of cooperation.

procrastination. Although you have finally finished your work, dragging your legs makes you look incompetent. Why is there a delay? If it is because of lack of interest, you should consider your career choice; if it is because of excessive pursuit of perfection, this will undoubtedly increase your delay in your work. Social psychology experts say: Many people who are procrastinating are afraid of taking risks and making mistakes. The fear of failure makes them unable to start.

Resentment is especially good. This is almost a common label for losers. When a person who wants to succeed encounters setbacks, he should calmly deal with the problems he faces, analyze the reasons for the failures, and then find a breakthrough to solve the problem.

Just please others. A truly competent employee should explain and propose a solution to the problem existing in his or her job, and should not only agree with the superior. For managers, there should be a strict reward and punishment method, and should not be a “good husband”. Although this will temporarily please a few people, it will lose the support of most people.

Spread rumors. Everyone may be commented by others and will comment on others, but if you are talking about someone’s gossip, this argument is best stopped. There are no impenetrable walls in the world. The rumors that you spread today will be known to the parties sooner or later, and why should you move your own stones to your feet? Therefore, rumors stop at the wise.

Ask others for blame and shame. Everyone can make mistakes at work. When problems arise at work, they should be assisted to solve them, and should not be blamed. Especially if you can’t do it yourself, it is easy to make people’s subordinates or others meet these requirements. In the long run, such people do not have any prestige in the company.

Going back. Things that have already been determined, but often make changes, will make your subordinates or assist employees unable to start. If you make a promise, if you can’t deliver it, you will lose credit in front of everyone. Such people are difficult to take on the heavy responsibility.

Arrogant and rude. This does not seem to be a high-profile person, but it will cause others to resent. Because no one will tolerate others to look down on themselves. Arrogant and rude people can hardly make good friends. The network is the financial pulse. If you develop this habit in your youth, I believe that it is very difficult for you to succeed.

Follow the crowd. People can follow the crowd, but they can’t be uninformed. If you are habitually following the flow, then you may form a mindset, have no opinion of yourself, or both have or dare to express your own opinions, and those who do not have the opinion will not succeed.