Job Search Guide – Correcting Job Seeking

With the gradual emergence of graduate employment issues, many people have pointed to the domestic postgraduate training system, such as the stocking training after the expansion of postgraduate enrollment, the unclear positioning of postgraduate education. In recent years, the state has also begun to adjust the postgraduate training model, and launched a professional master’s degree in employment-oriented applications, and achieved certain results. For graduate students, in the context of a poor employment situation, adjusting the mentality, positioning, and fostering strengths and avoiding weaknesses are the main ways to solve the problem of employment difficulties.

Job hunting is biased

According to relevant personnel, the actual employment rate of graduate students is slightly higher than that of undergraduates every year. The quality of employment units and jobs of graduate students is generally higher than that of undergraduates, such as some research institutes, research institutions, large central enterprises, colleges and universities, etc. Master’s degree or above is required. In fact, the employment of graduate students is difficult. It is mainly difficult to find a job-seeking concept. Many graduate students think that they have read more books than undergraduates for a few years. They must find more ideal jobs than undergraduates, work areas, business nature, work environment, Higher income and other requirements, invisibly set a higher job search threshold for themselves, increasing the difficulty of employment. Counseling experts believe that graduate students’ job-seeking attitude must be squared. Don’t always pose high. Graduate students should participate in valuable internships and practical activities during their school days. They can put down their positions when they are looking for jobs. They don’t have to pay too much attention to short-term gains. development of.

The first bucket of gold is extraordinary

Relevant persons pointed out that it is justifiable for graduate students to have such a mentality. However, under the current employment situation, graduate students should look beyond the long-term development in the medium and long term, rather than the short-term benefits of graduation. According to professional surveys, the gap between high school graduates and college graduates is not too big, but the gap has widened after ten years. Therefore, the excellence brought by academic qualifications does not have to be reflected in the first occupation. Therefore, in the process of job hunting, graduate students must set their own job search goals in advance, and set a scope for the work area, work nature, work unit, etc., and try to avoid destinationless sea investment. Compared with undergraduates, the disadvantages of graduate students are that they are older and less malleable. The strength lies in the maturity and strong professional skills. Graduate students can develop their strengths and avoid weaknesses when they apply for jobs, and invest more in professional work. However, it is not recommended that graduate students hide their academic qualifications. Counseling experts suggest that you must be employed in good faith, and the key is to change the concept of job hunting.