Job hunters(一): Senior headhunters teach you how to prepare for interviews and improve the success rate of interviews

When you receive an interview notice from an enterprise, you can prepare the following information first:

First, the understanding of the company

No matter what position you are applying for, you should have a certain understanding of this prospective employer.

As an interviewer, the last person you want to meet is when you sit down, ask: what does your company do?

You don’t even know what our company is doing. Do you know that you are applying for a job? Is it wasting your time?

Generally speaking, the failure rate of job interview is very high, because it didn’t leave a good impression on the interviewer from the beginning.

What information should we know before the interview?

1. the development of the industry in which the company is located

What is the industry chain in the company’s industry

The position of the company in the industrial chain is in that link.

When does the industry begin to develop

What is the state of development in recent years

What is the future trend

Are you optimistic about the future of this industry? Why?

2. the main business of the company

What are the main products or services of a company

What is the annual turnover and profit of the company? What is the profit of the company?

What are the main positions of the company and how to divide the division of labor

3. the main competitor of the company

What are some of the leading enterprises in the industry?

Which companies in the industry are competitors of the same echelon?

Generally speaking, before the interview, the above three points can be understood clearly before the interview, which basically meets the needs of the interview.

The source of these information can be obtained from the company’s official website, annual earnings report, industry analysis report, and the recruitment advertisement on the mainstream recruitment website.

It is better to know a friend who works in this company, and to get more direct and truthful information.

Two, the understanding of the job candidates

This part is the most critical information.

If you want to successfully apply for a job, you should first understand the following information:

1. the recruitment background of the post

The job recruitment background refers to why the company wants to recruit this position, whether the job is added or the former employee left the job to find a replacement. The recruits of this position mainly solve the problems of the company.

This part of the information may not be understood through the Internet channel, but if it is through headhunters or employees inside the company, there is a chance to learn.

2. the job duties and requirements of the post

Job responsibilities and post requirements can be used as a basic understanding through the job description (JD), but generally speaking, the description of JD is more superficial and less detailed. It will be better if you can find a resume of the company’s employees.

How do you find such a resume? It can be a simple matter for them to find headhunters or help HR friends.

3. what is the core competitiveness of the post

The core competitiveness of the post is what is the most critical skill or experience to apply for the position.

For a technical post, the core competitiveness may be a technology or project experience related to a technology.

For the sale of key accounts, it may be the customer relationship of some key customers.

For financial positions, it may be experience in some industries or project operation experience of listed companies.

In a word, every job has its most critical requirements. If a job seeker can learn this before the interview, you can prepare some relevant information and data before the interview. In the interview, you can focus on the experience and ability of this part. It will be easier to attract the attention of the interviewer and improve the interview. Power.