Is it really bad to be introverted in the workplace?

1. Extroversion, introversion is only a kind of personality, can not be divided into good or bad

Everyone’s genetics, growth environment and other conditions are different, which leads everyone to develop their own unique personality. It is normal for someone to be extroverted and someone to be introverted.

Some people are keen to participate in various social activities and find their own happiness, while others like to get their own pleasure in self-reflection;

Some people like to do things with everyone, and some people prefer to enjoy the time alone.

Even the movements of people of different personalities will make a huge difference. Some people tend to like group sports such as football, basketball, etc.

Introverts tend to choose to run, swim, etc.

The character of a person is really strange. As the saying goes, “A thousand readers have a thousand Hamlet in their eyes.” I am afraid that the characters of this thousand Hamlet are different.

2. But in this world, it is indeed more welcome to extroverts. Why is this?

Legend has it that President George W. Bush can remember the faces of 2,000 classmates when he was in college. Bill Gates is an out-and-out technology house. He loves to study new technologies more than people. In fact, I can cite examples of the success of countless introverts.

But one thing, I can’t deny that it is the society that really respects the character of the extrovert.

In fact, in this world, the morality we admire has changed, from responsibility, reputation, morality, etiquette, integrity to fascinating, attractive, and persuasive. You can find 10 books in any bookstore that teach you how to better convince others, but there is no book to tell you how to become a responsible person.

Yes, this is a problem of this era, or it is a phenomenon that will inevitably occur in this period of development.

With the development of social economy, human society has gradually changed from an acquaintance society to a stranger society. You are not familiar with your neighbors. In the next few years, you don’t even know what the other person’s last name is. In this stranger society, how to better establish relationships with strangers has become a top priority for people. It is in this general trend of social environment that extroverted personality has gradually become the mainstream character that people admire and keeps entering. People’s vision. In this kind of social atmosphere, the introverts seem to have made a mistake. They try hard to learn from the outwards and approach them. It is often counterproductive.

3. What are the strengths of the introverted personality?

This problem has been bothering me for a long time, and finally I found the answer in the sport.

I am not a sports person. I decided to move two years ago to lose weight. In the end I chose one of the most common sports, running.

And I found that I have a characteristic of running, I like to run alone, and it is night running. In fact, during my two years of running, I have never had a companion. I have a familiar colleague who came together to run, and I refused.

I also felt very strange at the beginning, and later I understood. Because I really enjoy the feeling of being alone and quiet. In the eyes of others, it is boring for a person to run, so there is no one who can talk for a long time. In fact, I became the longest person in our unit to run for the longest time. Those who like to run around with people are often delayed by all sorts of things. I found that they had a good chance of abandoning the running plan of the day when their companions were unable to accompany them. In their view, the companionship of colleagues was an essential element of running. In fact, this element is likely to be inconsistent. This time I suddenly understood! The biggest advantage of the original introvert is that you can get energy from yourself!

Extroverts can of course feel the infinite power from the outside world. They may courageously challenge their own things that they dare not challenge with their peers; when they are depressed, they can get the motivation to move forward from their friends; when they are sad, they can get happy encouragement from friends, but who can guarantee What is your own positive impact?

Obviously know that I should calm down and learn at this time, but my good friend told me to go to the movies, go or not?

People are social animals, socialization is an uncondition for us to survive, but the problem of extroverts is that they are more likely to be kidnapped by social (because that is their source of energy), they get a lot of happiness from social activities, at the cost, They also paid a lot of time and energy. As an introvert, I don’t have to think about it.

When I am running alone, I can think about my own affairs without any influence. I can choose this route, or I can choose that route; I can run fast or run slow; in short, everything I do is my own, and God knows how pleasant it is for an introvert.

In turn, this pleasant experience has in turn become the driving force of my running, so the night running at night is the most anticipated thing of my day.

So, in the end, I understand, and of course I hope you can understand that any personality trait will have advantages and disadvantages. What we need to do is not to change our introverted personality, but to make good use of the advantages and disadvantages of our character in this world. Happy to survive.