How to prepare for the interview before the interview

One day before the interview

1. To avoid getting lost, go to the interview site first;

2. Prepare cash and tickets to ensure that you can arrive at the interview location on time.

Evening before the interview

1. Review your understanding of the company and your resume;

2. Say out the relevant skills you have learned in the work you have done before, and why you are the best person to apply for the position, and record the points on an index card;

3. If you are prepared to bring in information that proves your performance, then mark the most compelling items.

Morning of the interview

1. Eat a high-protein, high-carb breakfast;

2. Review the points listed on the index card;

3. flip the newspaper — chat during the interview often revolves around the news of the day.

10 minutes before the interview

Watch the company’s office atmosphere while waiting. If everyone wears denim clothes and greets them with a casual tone, you know you don’t have to be too rigid in your interview.