How to negotiate with HR in order to get a higher salary?

Skill 1: don’t kill a price

One mouth price, no room for negotiation, if your asking price is too high, it is unavoidable to let the employer be afraid, think you are high, the interview through the probability is naturally small. The more practical option is that you can give an acceptable salary range, which is relatively flexible. If the interviewer says, “I’m sorry, we have limited budget in this position, and we can’t meet your personal requirements.” At this point, you should give yourself a step down and leave room for negotiation. You can say, “I’ll think about it again.” So the initiative is in your hands. When we wage negotiations, we must reserve flexible space, so we must not talk about death and leave room for maneuver.

Skill 2: a circuitous strategy for passive payroll

If you are not satisfied with the company’s salary, you may try to use the exploratory and negotiated tone to strive for higher treatment. When a company gives the salary range, there is room for negotiation, which is used to examine the applicant’s negotiation skills and the determination to work. You can say: “I think the most important thing for a job is to win both sides, the pay is the next, but the salary is the embodiment of personal value. I think that my personal ability can bring more value to the company than this salary. If conditions permit, can we raise the wage level appropriately? ” If the interviewer is relaxed, then you can naturally chase the reasons for your higher salary. If the interviewer categorically refuses, saying that the company has a salary provision for the post, you can still go back to the shortening of the probation period, ask if there is any additional benefits, and so on, and it is also a strategy for the extra “salary”.

Skill 3: be good at asking questions

If we want to get the initiative in the salary negotiations, we should be aware of our own knowledge, we can ask HR first, ask the company’s salary system, so that there is a good idea and will prepare for the success of the negotiation. If you are still uncertain about what you want to expect from the actual situation, you can ask, “I want to ask a question, what is the level of my current experience, education and your understanding of my interview in the company’s salary system?” The other person will reveal the salary you are ready to open.

Skill 4: reasonable

Why do you deserve a higher salary, give your business a reason, which training you have participated in, their direct related work experience, your soft skills, and so on, and it will make HR more convincing.

Skill 5: a win-win state of mind

When we negotiate salary with employers, we need to have a win-win mentality. Pay attention to the most important priority when you talk about salary. Do not lose your mind and ruin your good image in the eyes of the interviewer. If you are very satisfied with the company and the position, then you should have a good grasp of the specific negotiating salary scale. Usually, employers are willing to cooperate as long as possible in a reasonable scope or budget. When we talk about salary, we should be brave to win, but all the requirements should have priority order, the most important part is taken down, can be considered appropriately. For example, the year-end bonus, if the salary has been more satisfactory, even if the year-end bonus is less than 1 months, what’s wrong with it?