How to make your resume attract interviewers

1. Never send your resume as an attachment.

The first thing to remind the job seeker is that you should never send your resume to the attachment, because in many cases, it is equivalent to giving yourself a discount on your job search success rate.

As mentioned above, after the recruitment information of a position is sent out, a large number of application emails will be inserted into the mailbox, which is a great test for HR. When he managed to open your email, he found that he had to open the attachment again to see the resume. You know, opening the attachment takes another “long” time. It is likely that during this time, HR is finally impatient and clicks “delete” with the mouse. It is understood that many HR are like this.

2. Write a resume against the requirements of the employer.

There are many books for professors to write resume skills. In fact, one of the simplest tricks is to write resumes in accordance with the job recruitment requirements published by employers. Many job seekers have ignored this point, and Luo Luo has written a lot, but there are very few appetites for the employer. What do the employers want, not the points on the job advertisement? Therefore, it is important to study his recruitment requirements.

1. Use a private mailbox to send a clear application email.

Indeed, there are a large number of applications for letters every day, looking at them with a full-fledged “application”. It is advisable to do some articles on the subject of the email at the first sight and to highlight the advantages of applying. If you want to apply for the marketing manager, the other party’s request is to have 4A advertising company experience, and you happen to have, then on the subject of the mail, write “having 5 years of 4A advertising company marketing department management experience.”

Of course, this kind of mail is sent by private mailbox. If it is sent directly through the system on the recruitment website, then the other party can only receive the words “application”. Therefore, it is recommended that candidates, if you are very interested in the other company, may wish to send a resume with your own mailbox.

2. Add a short special description to the recruitment website.

If you are using the recruitment website system, it is recommended that job seekers do not ignore the special self-reports when filling in the information on the recruitment website, but pay attention to shortening, highlight your strengths in the most concise language, and give HR a more understanding of you. opportunity.