How to make a career planning?

Before talking about methods, let me first talk about my experience so that we can better understand the impact of career planning on a person.

Before career planning, I was also beset by unemployment.

It can be said that during the period of no work, I spent every day in anxiety and confusion.

I was so scared that I could not find a job and I was afraid I would do nothing, but I didn’t know what I could do and what I should do.

In the morning, browse all the large recruitment websites, keep a resume, go out in the afternoon, find a company that has no recruits; go back home in the evening first time, see if there is any message for the interview.

The result of being so busy every day is no result.

As time went by, I thought that I could not go on like this any more. I would like to find a job at random, even if I could not get any wages.

That was then I knew the career plan.

So I made a detailed career plan for myself.

With career planning, I was no longer anxious and confused, and I was no longer as aimless as I had before, looking for a job, because I had a clear career direction and a clear career goal.

No longer afraid that I will not have a job, no longer worry about doing nothing, because I have a lot of things to do every day, and through these things will make me better, and will let me find a better job later.

So, I have a very full day.

If you want to be like me, hope not to be confused and anxious, and hope to live a full life every day, please continue to look at it.

Next I will tell you how to do career planning.

The first step

Identify career goals.

For me, why did I say that I was busy,

The reason is that there is no goal.

Without goals, it is easy to get lost and go farther and farther in the wrong direction. As a result, time is wasted, but nothing can be gained.

Therefore, we need to identify a career goal and avoid being busy.

Now ask yourself three questions:

1) what kind of life or income do you want to achieve after ten years?

2) which profession or occupation can make you live like this or achieve such income?

3) do you have any interest in these professions? What are you good at? What do you want to know?

You can think first, or you can read the example below.

The following is the process of establishing my own goals:

1) I hope that the income of ten years will reach 500 thousand of the annual salary.

2) through the online search, to the people to consult, I found that the current hottest is the Internet industry, and this industry can let me reach the income level of 500 thousand per year after ten years, so the Internet industry is the industry I want to engage in;

It is understood that the companies of the Internet industry are mainly divided into five types of professions, such as product, market, operation, design and research and development. In each class, I have the position of 500 thousand annual salary, such as product manager, market director, operation director and so on.

3) after screening, I found that the market department needs to communicate with customers often, not easy to be replaced, and I am good at communicating with others, so I choose market director position of market director.

In this way, the position of director of marketing is my career goal.

Through these three questions, I have identified my career goals. You can also think about the three problems above me as I do, and then identify your career goals step by step.

Second steps

Dismantling target

Although career goals have been determined, they have not yet been completed.

Because this goal is what you want to achieve in ten years, you can’t finish it in a few days or months.

Like learning English to learn ABCD first, if you don’t even know ABCD, someone put a pile of words directly in front of you to read, you will certainly turn to that person.

Therefore, we need to break it up and split it into small targets and easy targets.

Then move my dismantling steps for your reference.

Career goals:

Ten years later, the annual salary is 500 thousand, Internet Co, marketing director;

Target decomposition:

Five years later, the annual salary is 250 thousand, Internet Co, marketing manager;

Re decomposition:

Two years later, the annual salary is 150 thousand, Internet Co, the backbone of the market;

A year later, the annual salary is 80 thousand, Internet Co, Marketing Commissioner;

Two months later, Internet Co entry, intern;

Starting tomorrow, I will learn about Internet market.

Disassemble the target step by step until you can easily finish it.

The purpose of dismantling is to make you better and more convenient to complete it.

In this way, you know what to do and how to do it every day, and you won’t be confused by nothing, without work and anxiety, and your daily life will become very substantial.

And every day will be rewarded, and this will help you get better and better and get closer to the ultimate goal.

Here, you already have your own, clear career plan.

But don’t worry. There are third steps.

It is action.

Although career planning has been done well, if you don’t go into action, everything will be wasted.

So, from now on, lay down your cell phone and act quickly.

When a target is completed by you, will you feel a little excited?

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