How to improve the success rate of job interview?

The core of the business is that you can bring benefits to them, and the second is to get along with the team, so you should always remember that the enterprise is the most suitable person, not the most capable person, so you want to know how to improve the success rate of the job interview. First you have to understand why the interview feels good but can’t get offer. The main reasons are as follows:

1. do not know anything about the recruitment enterprise. Before going to work, you will not know the company, such a person who is not responsible, the company will not employ. Self righteous, high expectations of work, dismissive of some low grade work, blind pursuit of some ideal work divorced from their own reality, the application is too blind. And the lack of independence, lack of sufficient social practice, lack of subjective opinion, no ability to judge, lack of confidence, and ask others for what kind of position.

2. the interview experience is insufficient, the answer is not a tense answer, is to answer some irrelevant questions, not playing due level or normal training is not enough, can not let the company understand themselves clearly, failed to express their abilities and intentions to the company, impress the interviewer, So the opportunity is lost.

3. self reliant ability, blindly pursue high salaries, think that they have full ability to achieve. Do not set the career goals and determine the direction of development. The work experience is not enough.

In addition to the ability to find jobs, in fact, it is more necessary to straighten out their mentality, to be practical. In the interview, the job seeker’s knowledge, skills, personality, potential, motivation, literacy and other comprehensive requirements are very important. For different jobs, these components are different, so in order to improve the success rate of the interview, you have to have the necessary professional knowledge and preparation, good psychological quality and appropriate. Instruments and other indispensable elements, and also need to be mindset.

The ways to improve the success rate of the interview are as follows:

1. improve the ability of self comprehensive

When you go out of school and get into the society, don’t forget to study and improve your abilities. In the actual work, you will find that your knowledge and skills are still very short. Only by constantly learning and advancing, can we adapt to the increasingly competitive society of modern competition. The improvement of their comprehensive ability is the basis for dealing with the workplace and facing all kinds of challenges.

2. perfect the resume

Resume should not be too simple, do not exaggerate their ability, or inconsistent with the facts, to fully demonstrate their advantages. If you meet a special position, you can revise your resume and show your advantages for this position. In addition, we need to prepare several paper resumes for backup.

3. make full preparation

Make full preparations before the interview, check the website of the unit on the Internet, search the unit information, and find out the various situations of the recruitment unit. In order to find out some knowledge and skills of the job, you can deal with the interviewer’s questions easily during the interview. Also pay attention to dressing, it is best to wear formal clothes, neat, appear to have temperament, very capable appearance, looks very professional ability. If you have a good command of the route, don’t panic at that time because you can’t find any place. If you can’t find it, call the unit in time.

4. A good first impression for the interviewer

First impressions are very important. The interviewer will see your first look at your appearance, gender, personality and preferences. The first two do not say, talk about character and love. You have a smile to show that you are cheerful and easy to get along with. You calm down and show that you are steady and relaxed. Of course, the rigidity of your smile is that you are nervous, unable to hold up a big scene, you are restrained to show that you do not know how to behave yourself, and that your expression doesn’t mean that you are poor in compression. This character and hobby are all in your first appearance. The interviewer will judge your ability to get along with your colleagues in the future.

5. Type of interview

There are two types of interview types: one is chatting interview, one is stress type interview. The two types of interview mainly examine your communication ability, strain ability, orderliness, language organization ability and professional degree. Chat interview is a chat, talk about the past work, difficulties, talk about your planning, do not be easy to talk because of chat type interview, not to pay attention to the position, especially on the lack of their own capacity. Stress interview, as the name implies, the interviewer will not give you a face, will give you a lot of pressure in the problem, ask questions, ask many things, do not be afraid of this type of interview, the interviewer is trying to test your compression ability, and see you face the compressive strength of the high intensity work, just a test, keep the mind Clear, easy to deal with.