How to control your boss

The thinking of ordinary people is often limited to: the boss controls the employees.

Therefore, if you want to do better than others, you must jump out of the general circle.

Step1: Understand the boss’s needs.

The boss has overtime madmanship, a flattering type, three levels of brain damage and so on. But if the classification is generalized, then it is estimated that a social psychology will be freshly released.

Therefore, as a post, it is useful to use a post: simple, efficient, and nonsense.

Basically, all bosses have three needs: they have to trust themselves, they like customers, and they love them. But if these three requirements are met, then the boss will be replaced. So basically, different employees get different 1-2 of these three items.

When you know what your boss needs, you are easy to get the right medicine.

Step2: Meet the needs of the boss.

Believe me, this is not nonsense. This is a very technical step. If you are all-inclusive, you will be too far behind. All three requirements are met. Not only will you be exhausted, you will not have time to spend with your parents, accompany your loved ones, and accompany your children. You will gradually alienate your boss, be disliked by your colleagues, and be disgusted by your customers. Because these three items are contradictory. Leadership trust is often not loved by colleagues; colleagues who love to love often do not lead trust (which leaders do not want to hold the group below); customers like, often not trusted by the leadership. It can only be said that human beings are creatures with complex and delicate feelings. Therefore, the average employee can often meet one of them, and the two can meet two items in a very black and black, and all of them will go to the sea to go to business or enter the DPRK as an official.

If the above three items are satisfied, one can make a living. As for the promotion, it is pure luck.

In these three items, if you meet two items at the same time, it will be of great help to the future. How to choose? I strongly recommend that you abandon your colleagues to love this one. First of all, refer to the history of the harem battle, and finally the Queen / Queen Mother / Royal is often not the most popular. It is the most outstanding personal ability. How the personal ability is the most prominent: the officials of the various roads, the eunuch supervisor, the emperor and the relatives (customers); won the emperor’s trust (the boss). Therefore, it is often vulnerable to the shackles of other nephews. However, people who are too good are always easy to recruit, so it is good to get used to it. Be careful when you are surrounded by officials and general managers. Don’t let the emperor be suspicious. At that time, the crime of a party smuggling can’t run. Getting the customer is the outstanding performance of their own performance and ability. The boss may appreciate you, but not necessarily trust you. At the same time, the customer is loyal, and the leader feels that he is the customer he has set. It is his own ability. You are only executing my instructions very well, so it is the best state to get the customer.

For example, Xunzi himself used material resources and human resources to get a bunch of politicians. The emperor also felt that he taught himself well, and that his little wife had the wisdom to help him get a bunch of dystocia. So, hello, I am fine.

How to achieve this state depends mainly on the third step.

Step3: Do not fully meet the needs of the boss.

It is really not inconsistency. I am holding a chestnut:

The boss has a task that is very difficult, such as getting a file from a customer. At this point as an employee, I already have a working idea, basically two calls can be done. But I can’t say directly to the leader: Look at me, I don’t know that I am a grandson.

Instead, you should make all sorts of difficulties and various difficulties. You may be confused by yourself. It may be impossible or impossible. . . But don’t shirk it, then let the leader completely lose trust.

At this time, at the same time, when the leader is also guilty, he should provide an idea at the beginning. For example: You see, I am not calling XX. . . At this time, the leader suddenly realized that, along with your thinking, a fierce saying, no matter what he said is a shit, a shit or a good word, it does not matter, as long as you finally get the problem, and beyond what he expected, for example, only Let you make a secret file, you have made the confidential documents and the like, and then feedback to the boss when he said that he taught. This makes him feel that you have strong execution ability and that the voice can teach the potential. And if you have a big bag, things have become what the leaders think should be. It feels so simple. It may be easier to get it. Or if you suspect your heart, think that your city is too deep, you can’t touch it, and you start to be jealous. (It can only be said that this is human beings).

So it is entirely possible to learn to manage the boss, control the boss, and let the boss develop in the state you want.

So if you want to build a state that customers like and boss trust, you need to scale between satisfaction and dissatisfaction.