How to apply for an interview according to the position

The image and etiquette of white-collar workers often represent the company’s image, and interviewers should pay attention to the instrument appearance problems in the interview. The instrument is generous, decent, and consistent with the identity of the civilian staff, giving the recruiters a generous and capable good impression, which is a plus for the job seeker.

The key to choosing clothing is to look at the job requirements, apply for banks, government departments, secretaries, and wear traditional Chinese formalities: apply for public relations, fashion magazines, etc., then you can add some popular elements to the clothing to show your ability to capture fashion information. .

The most important thing about instrument decoration is that it is clean and tidy. Don’t be too advertised. In addition to the industry of entertainment, film and television advertising, it is best not to choose too much wearing. For fresh graduates, some student-like dresses are allowed. Even if you interview a famous company, you can wear a casual suit. Compared with the formal suit, it has a higher degree of freedom in fabric, shoes and color.

What you wear on your hand and on your hand can reflect the level of understanding of the job applicant’s job position. In the interview, don’t pay too much attention to the fancy and gorgeous. The suits, shirts, trousers, shoes and socks that you wear during the interview should not give people a new feeling of shining, but also pay attention to neatness and generosity. Excessive.

Whether it is men’s or women’s wear, the material should be slightly more stressful. Good fabrics can make tailored and fit garments fit together and complement each other.

The dress that conforms to its own image will give people a clean and professional impression. The boys should be generous and generous, and the girls should be solemn and elegant.