How do new employees build a good first impression

1.dressing should be appropriate

Wearing is not necessarily expensive, but it must be fit, clean, and tidy, and the color and pattern must be coordinated. The shoes should be comfortable and eye-catching. For men, if it is a civilian staff, it can be a suit, a little more formal; it can also be jacket trousers, more casual and relaxed. For women, don’t overdo it. Otherwise give a frivolous impression.

2.the concept of time is very important

Modern people pay attention to the concept of time, and punctuality is often regarded as unruly, impolite, unreliable, and so on. And if you go to the office earlier. You can also get familiar with or know a few people first, because there are too many people, everyone is going to work, the name can’t remember, and remembering the name is the beginning of communication. In addition, as early as possible, you can do some things that can be done for the unit, such as cleaning, watering, etc., can leave a good impression on the old staff.

3.the first task to be completed

The main problem with new jobs is lack of experience, but no experience can be used as a reason for poor quality. To this end, if you encounter something that has not been experienced before, you may wish to consider it first, clarify your thoughts, see what are the main difficulties, and then consult your colleagues or supervisors about the difficulties that are difficult to deal with. If you are a secretary. It is required to arrange the venue and implement the basic contents of the meeting procedure, time, venue, equipment, characters, etc., but whoever speaks first, who does what position, who makes the summary speech, whether it needs photography or sound reinforcement equipment, etc., you may not be familiar with it. Pick the most difficult questions and ask colleagues. This will not be seen as a poor ability, but also to ensure that the work is not wrong. It also shows respect for old employees.

4.Use informal occasions to familiarize yourself with the surrounding employees

In formal situations, many people’s behaviors and attitudes are constrained by the work situation and cannot express all the characteristics of the individual. However, in informal situations, there will be fewer restrictions. People’s speech and behavior are often more casual and their performance is more realistic. It is a good opportunity for personnel colleagues.

5.often do record summary, continuous improvement work

In the work, there is a joy of success, and there will be troubles of failure. Success, to sum up experience; failure, to learn lessons. The common problems in the work should be recorded; if you are unhappy at work, you should also pay attention to the analysis and find out the reasons for correction in the future. attention to some skills of communication

Each unit has some informal groups, some have a better relationship, some have a poor relationship, and some are outside the group. Some colleagues may have contradictions due to the distribution of past interests: some colleagues may be bad in character and unpopular; some colleagues may often quarrel because of different opinions. When you first arrive, you should first be familiar with the environment. If there are people with contradictions, what is their problem? If it is isolated, is it the ability to communicate, or the question of conduct? If it is a person who likes to quarrel, is it for work, or is it private? Only by making these problems clear, the interaction will be targeted.