Etiquette that needs attention when the company meets

In the complex workplace environment, workplace etiquette needs to be mastered. What kind of etiquette should the workplace pay attention to during company meetings?

1. don’t dress sloppy

The dress of the departmental party depends on several factors. The location, type, start time, and the area in which you work will affect what clothes you should wear. Although many times the party needs to be lively and hot to mobilize the atmosphere, but if it is too much for you, it is the safest way to go to the middle. It doesn’t matter if you doubt this. In short, don’t go too far away from your daily dress attitude.

2. Open up the work

Unlike the working day, departmental parties are a very good place to forget work. You should take the opportunity to talk to your colleagues about something more interesting outside of work. Maybe you will get some good friends. However, it should be noted that the party is not a good time for the boss to “striking” and “paying attention”. Beware, there are many pairs of eyes around watching you!

3. Play seriously

Be sure to have fun at the departmental party! Don’t take this as an opportunity to complain, complain or spread rumors. Leave all your worries and anxieties at work behind, and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and delicious food!

4. Relax and meet new people

The biggest purpose of departmental parties is to increase the opportunities for exchanges between company employees. So you can’t live up to the company’s good intentions. You only sit in your seat all night, and even if you want to meet someone, you don’t dare to say hello to each other. Take the first step bravely and say hello. When you come across the company corridor or the elevator in the future, you can just say hello. Slowly, you can change from strange to familiar.

5. even if it is free, you can’t be too indulgent

Usually, the company or department will bear the expenses of the entire party, and it seems to be a good opportunity to drink free drinks. But you must pay attention to where your limits are. Drinking a little drunk, and then smashing in the ktv five insults is not hurtful, but if you get drunk, spit out or people do not save, then it is troublesome. Think about it, would you like to be seen by a colleague as a drunkard in the future?