During the interview, the bosses most want to hear what questions you ask?

When the boss asked during the interview: “Do you have any questions you want to ask us?”, what do they most want to hear from the interviewer? If you are a college student who is about to graduate soon, you will soon be interviewed. How do you answer such a question?

I think it is very important to answer the above questions correctly during your interview, both now and throughout your career. When the company interviews you, you are actually interviewing this company. During the interview process, if the interviewer asks you this question, then a question that arises after careful consideration will give you a lot of extra points. Not only does this require you to know the company, but it can also help you learn more about the company or whether the job role is right for you. In my own career, I have considered this question many times.

I believe that you have done a lot of preparation for the interview, and have done a lot of research on the industry, related positions, and the company you are applying for, even those who are interviewing you. If the interviewer really asks you if there are any questions to ask them during the interview, then you need to have two or three pre-prepared questions. Here are some suggestions I will give:

· “In your opinion, how can you be qualified for this position?” Or, “How do you assess whether an employee is competent in this position?”

· “Why are you joining this company, what is the reason for you to work here?”

· “What do you like to work here, and what do you like the most?”

· “What do you think is the biggest challenge for this position?”

· “What are the three main goals that the company needs to accomplish next year?”

The question you ask the interviewer should show that you have seriously considered this position or the company. You can ask about the job responsibilities of this position, the company’s financing status, or the advantages of the position, company, and corporate culture, as well as the direction of the company’s development.

These are all good questions because they allow you to show the interviewer that you have already known the company in advance, in an unofficial or natural way.

· You can ask some questions that the interviewer has already mentioned, which means that you pay attention to listening to him.

· You can ask the interviewer how long he/she has stayed at the company, and wherever he likes the company. This is actually complimenting the interviewer, and most importantly, you may be aware of a corporate culture that others don’t know.

· You can ask the interviewer what to do next. Ask if he can get a reply from the company, who will contact you, whether by email or by phone. You can also ask him who is the next round of interviewers, and you have the right to know the details of these issues, because sometimes the interviewer himself may forget to tell you this information.

· Finally, don’t ask questions that have already been posted on job search information.