Do you have to wear formal dress for a job interview?

Whether boys and girls dress properly is too important, rather than just wearing formal clothes, this really needs to be emphasized. It’s no advantage to wear formal dress. Many interviewers in many different industries have talked about this problem, and many say they rarely feel good when they meet a job seeker in a formal interview. I do not know if there is any psychological research, and some friends are also very popular. I’ve seen a lot of good articles about interviews, job attire or resume writing on the Internet. I hope this can help you.

Whether it is on the Internet to send a resume to an interview with offer, or to send a resume directly to HR and then face to face at a job fair, you need to know some items that can be added or cut. Xiaoshi Xiaoshi, a job seeding editor, will give you 4 tips here, no matter what interviews you may have.

1. both boys and girls first pick up their own

If you are a boy, then make yourself clean and tidy, don’t wear a chop, do not wear a big underpants, don’t have dandruff, do not have a smell on your body, do not smoke before the interview. If you are a girl, well dressed and clean, do not wear a professional dress but do not wear too exposed, women who will make up can try to paint a light make-up, but do not make up, bright sunshine. The first impression is always good. All clean and neat appearance is the first language before you speak.

2. resume as much as possible to be simple

HR are very busy, especially in the field of recruitment HR, to interview so many job seekers, they will rarely have the patience to read your just a few large resumes. If you have a lot of school honors or a lot of work experience, try to be concise and concise. Don’t write a sentence with a word, not more than two pages.

3. choose your favorite industry and career to deliver.

In the field, all walks of life gather together. There are many choices that you have to face. At this time, you should follow your own heart, choose your favorite industry to deliver, don’t see what to invest, nor do you have high and low.

4. Confidence

We must be confident and do not dare to speak. We should be honest and sincere in answering HR’s questions. In the market recruitment site steal experience, experience their confidence and courage, strive for a more perfect presentation of the best of themselves.