Designer’s job hunting skills

After the new year, it is also the peak season for job hunting. Talents from all walks of life are preparing to deliver their resume, waiting for the interview notice, and then go to the interview. As the great God of the design industry, I have seen many resumes. I want to bring some new year’s greeting skills for job seekers.

Step 1: determine the resume template

WORD and PPT, one can’t be less!

First, for a new design newcomer who has no experience, it is necessary to write a brilliant resume so that it can stand out from the mass designer’s resume and get the interviewer’s favor and get an interview. Therefore, the first step of the job search is to write a resume.

You need to write two resumes of different templates: one in WORD format and one in PPT format.

Generally speaking, WORD format resume is suitable for most recruitment platforms, such as Zhaopin, 51JOB, hunting and hiring. These recruitment platforms also have their own resume templates, which only need to input personal data in accordance with the requirements of the template to generate WORD format resume.

If the company has left a company mailbox on the recruitment platform, it is recommended to send a separate resume to the company’s mailbox and bring this resume in the interview. Try not to use the recruitment platform generated resume, because the platform generated CVS are limited by the limitations of the template, not necessarily fully demonstrate your advantages.

Note: in this PPT format resume template, there is no plate reserved for design, but only a representative picture is inserted in each project experience. You can add a number of representative works to the description of each project experience according to the actual situation, and you can also add a separate plate of “past design works” to show it.

Step 2: writing resume content

Show your expertise, and the interviewer knows you can beat a monster!

Name, education, professional, contact, and so on, such personal information is essential, I am not verbose, if still do not know to write those, please ask the mother.

Unlike the ordinary job seekers, the designer’s resume must be attached to the online work link. It is suggested that you update the works on a more authoritative platform and write the personal home page link to the resume.

The focus of the resume is on personal skills and expertise, because this is what the interviewer is most concerned about. In a resume, you need to reflect your academic and professional strengths, show familiarity with the commonly used design software, be good at design styles, and personal special skills, and you need to think carefully about the strengths and weaknesses of your personality. The more detailed these contents are written, the greater your help will be.

Special style: prepare two Resumes: one is “universal resume” and the other is “customized resume”. When you see a position that meets, but is not particularly interested in, you can deliver a “universal resume”, and in the face of your own company, it is suggested that you analyze the job responsibilities of the position and the requirements of the job, understand the company culture according to the recruitment information, and then make the “custom resume”, and do so. Let the interviewer feel that you are in line with their requirements and feel your sincerity. The success rate of interview will naturally be higher.

Step 3: collate the design works

Put all the eggs in the same basket.

In addition to writing two resumes with different templates, your design is also organized into two different versions: one is selected works and the other is all works.

The selected works are mainly on the recruitment website, as well as to the related companies and headhunters. The role is to let the other person see the best of you at one glance; and all the works are used in the interview, so that the interviewer can understand your progress and have a more comprehensive understanding of you.

When you store the work, it’s important to have a small technique, that is – how many works you have to put in the same folder, that is to say, do not divide a number of small folders in a collection folder.

Special style: a friend who has just graduated or has little work experience may not have many ready-made works. He suggests that he can imitate a big brand to make a set of works.

Step 4: it’s time to go to the resume

To be honest, look for a job or “look at the money”!

Both the resume and the collection are ready. Now it’s time to send your resume. Think union recruitment, 51JOB, hunting, and draw a little difference in fact, most of the companies have recruitment requirements will put in the recruitment of information here, relatively speaking, the UI designers, visual designers need more, graphic designers, e-commerce designers, web designer positions in several recruitment websites information It’s close.

Step 5: prepare for an interview

Pack yourself as a “merchandise” for sale.

After you have submitted your resume to the relevant recruitment website, you will be patient enough to wait for the interviewer’s phone call.

Many newly graduated designers are always shy about the interview and are very worried about not performing well. You need to prepare a self introduction speech. The first part of the interview is “self introduction”. At this time, you need to use you as a “commodity” to tell the interviewer about your strengths and abilities, and in order to speak more fluently, it is necessary to write the speech well ahead of time.

When everything is ready, go to the interview boldly and prepare yourself enough. You will be confident. Of course, in the design industry, more works still need to be done. With your work, it will give you a lot of points. Wuhan four dimensional dream workshop design school wishes you to succeed in finding suitable jobs.