Common questions in the interview: What do you do if you make a mistake at work?

Interview question: If you have made a mistake at work, what should you do?

Reference answer: Some mistakes will inevitably occur in the work. If I have this situation at work, I will take the following measures:

First of all, I will actively compensate for the losses caused by work mistakes and take effective measures to prevent the loss from expanding.

Secondly, I will take the initiative to report the situation to the leader, explain the reasons, request the leadership to criticize and correct, and assume responsibility.

Finally, I will do profound self-reflection after the event. If it is a work mistake caused by my work attitude, I will bear in mind this lesson and correct my attitude in the future work. If it is a work mistake caused by my unskilled business, I will ask my colleagues for help, ask the leaders for advice, seek knowledge from books, and constantly improve their business capabilities to prevent the same mistakes in their future work.

Summary: The most important thing in making mistakes at work is to make up for it, report it later, and then reflect on it. Dare to take responsibility, not to shirk, this is a mature performance.