Behavior of interview etiquette

Interviewers should pay attention to their behavior and should generally do so.

1. If you are visiting an uninvited guest, you should hold your right hand in a half-bow shape and gently buckle the door with your middle finger to get permission. If you agree on the interview time, you should arrive in advance, because being late is a rudeness. When you are called, you will respond with a hearty voice.

2. when entering the office, should look up, chest, smile, look at the examiner, do not look forward to, do not look around. Men’s pace is strong, dignified, natural and generous, giving people the impression of calmness, stability, courage and fearlessness. The gentleman’s pace is light and agile, giving people a sense of lightness, joy and softness. When you go to the examiner, you should kindly say “Hello”. If the examiner stands up and shakes hands with you, you will eagerly reach out and hold it. Then stand up straight, full of energy, with a smile, chest and abdomen, legs and feet, arms naturally drooping or cross in front of the body, legs close together, like a pine tree stalwart tall, men look resolute and free, stretch generous, The lady seems to be dignified and beautiful.

3. When the examiner is instructed to sit down, he can sit down. After sitting, you can adjust the sitting position appropriately. The sitting posture has a great psychological impact on a person. If you are leaning back on the chair, it is ideal. You should sit down gently, the upper body is straight, and you lean forward slightly. Currently, you are looking at the examiner’s eye. The department and the face show respect, hands on the armrests or cross in front of the abdomen, the legs naturally bend and close together, if the feet are flat on the ground, if it is a soft sofa chair, try to control the self__self, do not sink, Stand up straight and concentrate on the examiner. Don’t bend your back, scratch your ears, squat “Jiro’s legs”, ladies avoid legs apart, don’t shake all parts of the body, sit in front of the examiner very steadily, according to his all-round inspection of you.

4. When you need to hand over your personal information, you should stand up and hold your hands and show generosity, humility and respect. At the end of the interview, you should say “thank you”, stand up and walk to the door, then turn around and smile and say “goodbye”, leaving the beautiful image to the examiner.