Analysis of marketing interview questions

Marketing Professional Interview Frequently Asked Questions

1. What qualities and skills are there to make you stand out from the crowd?

A: Effort, seriousness, persistence, good communication skills and business skills

2. How much do you know about our product line and our customer base?

A: I don’t know much about it at the moment. Mainly channel dealers and builders.

3. What is your favorite and least like about sales? Why?

A: The favorite thing is to conduct business negotiations with customers. Because it helps to improve oneself, communicating with different people is equivalent to learning from different people. I don’t like the boss or the boss telling me what to do after work. Because it is public and private.

4. If you are rewarded, what do you think?

A: It is a kind of recognition and a responsibility. Because love rewards you have the responsibility to do better.

5. How is your most typical working day arranged?

A: I will go to work at 9:00 in the morning to arrange a one-day work plan for ten minutes, then prepare all kinds of materials needed for the day’s work, and contact customers or visit customers at ten. At about 4 pm, I completed the business visit to the office. Summarize the results of today’s visits and implement various matters agreed with customers. Checking the work of the day at half past five to see what work has not been done. If you have done it, then get off work.

6. What are the qualities of a good salesperson for success? Why do you think these qualities are important?

A: Serious, passionate, and hardworking with considerable communication skills and business skills.

Seriously, we must do a good job of one thing, and we must do a good job seriously. If we are not serious, we can do a bad job.

Passion: In fact, this is a kind of work mentality. If you don’t have a good attitude toward business work, you can’t do the same thing as people say the same thing day after day.

Effort: There is a reward to pay.

Communication skills and skills: This is the ability and method of work.

7. What is the difference between telemarketing and face-to-face sales? What special skills and techniques are needed to make telemarketing successful?

A: Language expression ability and scientific telephone return frequency

8. In your predecessor’s work, what methods did you use to develop and maintain existing customers?

A: Constantly returning to visit

9. If you give a new employee a sales course, what do you want to say in class? Why?

A: Corporate culture, product introduction, and the most effective way to sell company products

Because an employee must first understand his company and team, know what kind of people he is working with, and then understand his weapons. The product is the weapon on the battlefield. If you don’t know how to use a gun, go to fight and there is no loss. The third is to tell him what method can be used to win this battle.

10. Please tell us about the most typical sales methods and techniques you used in your previous job.

A: Telephone contact, face interview. Be sure to call back a phone call or text message to the customer you are visiting within 24 hours of your visit. Then send a festive blessing to all the customers in the week or holiday. Kung Fu is outside the poem. Your company and your products will be accepted only after the customer has approved your person.

11. Tell an experience like this: The sales task for you is very big, and the time to complete the task is very short. What method do you use to ensure that the sales task goal is achieved?

A: Diversion. Work with people or outsource.

12. How did you achieve such a performance when you exceeded your sales target?

A: Yes, luck and hard work.

13. When you take over a new marketing area or a new customer base, how can you make these people your regular customers?

A: Establish a good customer relationship.

14. What preparations should be made in advance when making a sales call?

A: Prepare relevant information about customers. Company’s product information. Pen, record book, etc.

15. How do you deal with paperwork that is not related to sales activities?

A: Use after work hours or evening;

16. Please sell me this pencil.

A: Hello, may I ask your child? If you buy this pencil and give it to him as a gift, he must be very happy.

17. What do you think is the most important feature of a sales call? Why?

A: Sincere, passionate, and persistent. Because the telemarketing is only sincere, the voice can be used to impress customers. Only passion can influence the customer and arouse his enthusiasm for purchase. Persistence is because the success rate of telemarketing is low. Therefore, we must be persistent in order to have good performance.

18. Deal with old customers who already exist, and deal with new customers. What do you prefer? Why?

A: I like it, and I prefer to talk to new customers. Because new people can learn more new things.

19. If a customer has been buying a product that is similar to your product but at a lower price than your product, how do you convince the customer to purchase your product?

A: Differentiation allows customers to understand the difference between our products and the products they sell.

20. If you encounter a situation where your products and services are indeed needed by a company, many people inside the company strongly demand the purchase of the same kind of products that are of lower quality but cheaper. The customer asks for your opinion, what should you say?

A: Compare with customers, compare quality, then compare product usage time, social influence and other aspects. It is correct to help or guide the customer to determine what kind of product to buy.