7 stupid mistakes that you should never make in an interview

1) Poor handshake

Don’t be particularly reluctant or too enthusiastic when shaking hands. A gentle handshake may seem like you are ashamed, but too much force will be counterproductive.

A polite handshake is probably when your arms are flared out and your thumbs are raised.

2) Speak around the circle

In the interview, we are hard to say “I don’t know”, compared to the point of view, if you admit that you don’t know, maybe the interviewer will respect you more. If you talk around the circle, the interviewer will soon deny you.

The only thing to worry about is that you don’t expose your ignorance too often.

3) Forged resume

In the fierce competition, you may want to refine all the small details. You might think, “He won’t look at these small details,” but the reality is not like this. Interviewers are experienced, they can always catch uncertain points in their resumes. If an interviewer finds an inaccurate factual description in your resume, he is likely to tend to think that there are frauds elsewhere in your resume. Once he thinks you are not credible, you have never been with the job since then.

4) Weaknesses?

The interview will ask some standard questions, such as your weaknesses?

Everyone does not want to be asked this question. If you are not prepared, some people may have a blank brain, while other old-fashioned answers may be “I am a perfectionist” or “I work too hard”, neither of which happens during the interview. Great.

For anyone, this is a difficult question and you need to be prepared in advance. Experts suggest that you say some minor shortcomings that are irrelevant to the job. Best-selling author Bernard Marr wrote in his LinkedIn article: “It’s important that you show that you have self-knowledge, you know yourself well, but the shortcomings you say should be that there is no impact on the job-seeking job itself. ”

5) It is too early or late

I finally waited for the interview notice, and you are fully prepared for this important day. However, for some reason you are still late.

In order to avoid being late for the interview, you’d better get out of the house early and be prepared to deal with the various issues.

It’s not necessary to come too early. In addition to the need to wait for a long time in the front desk, you may also put a psychological pressure on the interview organizer. Because in many companies’ recruitment standardization process, in order to enhance the candidate experience, the length of the interview waiting time is clearly defined. If it is exceeded, the interview organizer’s work is dereliction of duty.

6) I want this, I want it too.

The interviewer may ask you what you need for the job. You have to be careful to answer this question. In many cases we may answer too much detail, detail company benefits and salary expectations, and so on. During the interview process, don’t ask for the requirements and conditions too early. The best time to negotiate is until you are accepted.

7) This question is too stupid.

Maybe sometimes you think the interviewer’s question is too stupid, not worthy of your intelligence. If you let the interviewer find that you think so, it will be similar to the future of self-destruction. This is a profound lesson I have learned in my own experience. If you are asked a similar question, it is best not to be too mean to pay attention to your answer.