How to improve the success rate of job interview?

1. Please introduce yourself to yourself.

The answer is: the general answer is that the question is too ordinary to say name, age, hobby, and work experience. All these are on the resume. In fact, what the enterprise most wants to know is whether the job seeker is competent, including the strongest skills, the most in-depth knowledge field, the most active part of the personality, and the best part of the job. The most successful things, the main achievements, all of which can not be related to learning, but also can be related to learning, but to highlight the positive personality and the ability to do things, say a reasonable enterprise will believe. Enterprises attach great importance to one’s courtesy. Job seekers should respect the examiners and say “thank you” after answering every question. A business likes a courteous job seeker.

2. what do you think is the greatest strength of your personality?

The answer is: calm, clear, firm and stubborn. Willing to help and care for others, adaptability and sense of humor, optimism and fraternity. After one to two years of training and project practice, plus my internship, I qualified for this job. I believe I can succeed.

3. Talk about your biggest shortcoming?

Answer hints: this question is a big problem for enterprises, usually do not want to hear the shortcoming of direct answer, and so on. If a job seeker says he is careful, jealous, very lazy, very angry and inefficient, the enterprise will certainly not hire you. Never be smart enough to answer, “my greatest weakness is to be too perfect.” some people think this answer will seem better, but in fact, he is in danger. Companies like job seekers to talk about their advantages, add some small shortcomings in the middle, finally turn the problem back to the advantages and highlight the advantages. Companies like smart job seekers.

4. What do you think about overtime? The answer is prompt: actually many companies ask this question, does not prove that must work overtime. Just to test if you are willing to dedicate to the company.

Answer sample: if I need to work, I will be obliged to work overtime. I am single now. I have no family burden and I can devote myself to my work. But at the same time, I will also improve work efficiency and reduce unnecessary overtime.

5. What are your requirements for salary?

Answer: if you are too low on salary, it obviously devalues your ability; if you are too high on salary, it will seem too heavy and the company can’t afford it. Some employers usually make budget estimates in advance of their positions, so the first price they raise is often the highest price they can give. They ask you just to confirm whether the money is enough to arouse your interest in the job. Replies to sample 1: “I have no rigid demands on wages. I believe your company will be friendly and reasonable in dealing with my problems. What I am focusing on is looking for the right job opportunities, so as long as the conditions are fair, I won’t take too much of the answer sample two: I have been trained in systematic software programming and do not need a lot of training. And I’m particularly interested in programming myself. Therefore, I hope that the company can give me a reasonable salary according to my situation and market standard. More hot Wen Wen welcome to pay attention to the public number China. Answer sample three: if you have to say the exact number yourself, please do not say a broad range, so you will get the lowest figure. It is best to give a specific number, which indicates that you have been investigating the current talent market and know what the value of an employee with such a diploma is.

6. In five years, your career planning?

Answer hint: This is a question that every applicant does not want to be asked, but almost everyone will be asked. The more answer is the “manager”. But in recent years, many companies have established specialized technical channels. These jobs are often referred to as “consultants”, “consulting technicians” or “senior software engineers” and so on. Of course, it’s possible to say other positions that you are interested in, such as the sales manager of the product department, the production manager, and some other work related to your major. You know, examiners always like aggressive candidates. If you do not know them, you may lose a good opportunity. The most common answer should be “I am prepared to do something in the field of technology” or “I hope to develop according to the company’s management mentality”.

7. What do your friends say about you?

Answer tips: want to know your character and problems with others from the side. Answer the sample: “my friends say I am a reliable person. Because once I promise something to others, I will do it. If I can’t do it, I won’t promise it easily. Answer sample: “I think I am a more easy-going person, and can be friendly with different people. When I get along with others, I always consider others’ problems.

8. do you have any questions to ask?

The answer is that the problem of the enterprise seems to be dispensable, but the key is that the enterprise does not like to say “no problem”, because it pays much attention to the personality and creativity of the employees. Companies do not like job seekers to ask questions such as personal welfare. If someone asks, do you have any training programs for the employees in the new company, can I join them? Or what is the promotion mechanism of your company? The company will be very popular because it reflects your enthusiasm for learning and loyalty to your company and your ambition.

9. if we passed the interview, our unit hired you, but after working for a while, I found that you are not suitable for this position. What do you do?

Answer hint: for a time, it is not suitable for me to find work. There are two situations:

(1) if you do love this profession, then you should learn constantly, learn the business knowledge and experience to the leaders and colleagues, understand the spiritual connotation and professional requirements of the profession, and strive to reduce the gap; (2) you think this career is dispensable, and it is still early to change a career, to find suitable for you, The career you love, your future will be bigger, and it will be good for both units and individuals.

10. when you finish a job, you think the way of leadership is not the best, and you have better ways. What should you do?

The answer is: (1) I will, in principle, respect the arrangement of the kimono from the leadership; at the same time, I will find the opportunity to express my ideas in private, to see if the leader can change the idea; and if the leader does not adopt my advice, I will also do the work conscientiously as the leader’s request; There is another situation, if the way that the leadership asks for the violation of the principle, I will resolutely put forward objections; if the leadership is still opinionated, I will not hesitate to reflect on the leadership.

11. if you fail in your work and cause economic losses to the company, what do you think we should do?

The answer is: 1. I intend to work hard for the company. If it causes economic loss, I think the first question is to make up for or redeem the economic loss. If I am incapable of being responsible, I hope the unit will help solve it. If it is my responsibility, I will be punished if it is my responsibility; if it is a mistake in a team that I am responsible for, I will not be happy. As a team, we need to carry out work together, comfort colleagues and help colleagues to find out the cause of the total experience. More hot Wen Wen welcome to pay attention to the public number China. 3. To sum up the experience and lessons, one can not make mistakes in one’s life. It is important to learn from the mistakes of their own or others’ mistakes, and to avoid similar mistakes in the future work. It is not enough to review the methods of work and analyze the depth and intensity of the problems.

12. if you are not hired in this examination, what do you plan to do?

The answer is: the present society is a competitive society. It can be seen from this interview that there must be good and bad competition. There will be failures with success. There are many difficulties and setbacks behind the success. If this failure is only once, it can be molded only through experience experience. A complete successor. I will look at the failure in the following aspects. First, to face it, to face this failure and not to be discouraged, to accept the loss of this opportunity will not turn back the reality, from the mental and spiritual reflection of the resistance to this failure. Be confident, believe that you have experienced the experience after this effort. It can go beyond self. Second, good at reflection, the interview experience should be carefully summed up, think analysis, can find the gap from the point of view. Treat yourself correctly, evaluate yourself in a realistic way, treat your own strengths and weaknesses dialectically, make a clear person. Third, get out of the shadow, overcome the psychological pressure of this failure, keep in mind his weaknesses, prevent it from the future, strengthen the study and improve the quality of his own. Fourth, conscientiously work, and return to the original unit post. To be real and solid work, three hundred and six lines, line out the number one, and strive to make certain achievements in this position. Fifth, make persistent efforts, become a software engineer or network engineer has always been my dream, if there is a chance I will continue to compete again.

13. if you do a job that is praised by your superiors, but if your leader says he did it, what should you do?

Answer hint: I will not find the leader first to explain this, I will take the initiative to find my leadership to communicate, because communication is the best way to solve interpersonal relationships, but there will be two kinds of results: 1. my supervisor recognizes his mistakes, I think I will decide whether to forgive him depending on the situation; 2. he is more. I will not hesitate to look for my superiors to reflect on this, because he will have a negative impact on the future work. More hot Wen Wen welcome to pay attention to the public number China.

14. What do you think of your job hopping?

The answer is: (1) the normal “job hopping” can promote the rational flow of talent, and should support; (2) frequent job hopping is unfavorable to both units and individuals, and should be opposed.

15. you can’t get along with your colleagues and supervisors at work. What should you do?

The answer is: I will obey the leader’s command and cooperate with my colleagues. I will find out the reason from my own and carefully analyze whether I am not good enough to do my work well, and my colleagues are not accustomed to it. We need to see if we are not doing well in human life. If that’s the case, I’ll try to correct it. If I can’t find the reason, I will find opportunities to communicate with them and ask them to point out my shortcomings. If there is a problem, correct it in time. As an excellent employee, we should always take the overall situation as the most important. Even in a period of time, the leaders and colleagues do not understand me. I will do the job well and learn from them. I believe that they will see me working hard and will smile to me one day!

16. Suppose you work in a certain unit, your performance is outstanding, and you get the leadership’s affirmation. But at the same time, you find that your colleagues are getting more and more isolated from you. What do you think of this problem? What are you going to do?

Answer hints: (1) the results are more prominent, it is a good thing to get the leadership, and later to make a more effort to examine whether you are more enthusiastic about the work than the colleagues, and strengthen the contacts and common interests of the colleagues. In the work, do not hurt others’ self-esteem.

17. Have you participated in the training course recently? Talk about the content of the training course. Is it a company or a self – fee?

Answer tip: it is a training course at XX, which can be discussed at your expense.

18. How much do you know about our company?

Answer tip: check the company’s main business online before going to the company to interview. Answer: your company intends to change its strategy and strengthen its OEM cooperation with foreign factories.

19. Please tell the motivation of your choice of the job?

Answer hints: This is to know the interviewer’s enthusiasm and understanding of the job, and to screen those who have been tested for a temporary rise. If they are inexperienced, they can emphasize that “even if the job is different, we also want to have the opportunity to experience the previous experience.”

20. What are the technical directions that you are best at?

Answer hint: it is no harm to show your enthusiasm by talking about the courses related to the job you are applying for.

21. What can you bring to our company?

Answer: if you can, try to tell them that you can reduce their costs – “I’ve been trained for nearly two years, and I can go on job immediately.” 2. The enterprise wants to know what the future employees can do for the enterprise. The job seeker should repeat its advantages again. And then say, “as far as my ability is, I can do a good employee in the organization and bring the organization high efficiency and more profit.” Companies like job seekers to apply for positions, such as applications for marketing, say, “I can develop a lot of new customers, at the same time, do more comprehensive and considerate services to old customers, to develop new needs and consumption of old customers.” Wait.

22. What are the three words that you can most generalize your own?

The answer is: I often use three words: strong adaptability, responsibility and doing things all the time, combined with specific examples to explain to the examiners.

23. What’s your hobby?

The answer is hint: find some group cooperation spirit. Here is a true story: someone was rejected because his hobby is deep sea diving. The examiner said, “because this is a single person activity, I am not sure whether he can adapt to group work.

24. Give me a score as an interviewee.

Answer hints: try to list four advantages and a very very small and very small disadvantage.

25. How do you understand the position you are applying for?

Answer tips: clarify responsibilities and tasks and work attitude.

26. What do you like about this job?

The answer is that each person’s values are different and the standard of natural judgment will be different. But, when answering the interviewer’s question, it can not be said too directly, especially the salary, but some harmless answers are good considerations, such as the convenience of traffic, the nature of the work and the nature of the work. The content is a good answer to what you are interested in, and so on, but if you think about the difference in the job, I believe it will be a big bonus in the interview.

27. why do you want to leave?

Answer the question: (1) be careful when answering this question. Even if the previous job is badly wronged, how many complaints about the company should not be shown, especially to avoid the criticism of the company’s own supervisor and avoid the negative emotions and impressions of the interviewer; the best way to answer this question is to ask the question. The answer is on your own, for example, that there is no space for work to develop, to learn more in the related industries of the interview, or to be incompatible with the career plan of the previous job, and so on. The answer is best positive. More hot Wen Wen welcome to pay attention to the public number China. I hope to get a better job, and if the opportunity comes, I’ll catch it; I think the present work has reached the peak, that is, there is no chance of promotion.

28. talk about your views on the industry and technology development trend?

Answer: the business is very interested in this problem. Only a candidate can pass the job. A job seeker can find information on the industry department you are applying for directly on the Internet. Only a thorough understanding can produce unique insights. The enterprise thinks the most intelligent job seeker is to know a lot in advance for the company that is interviewed, including the various departments of the company, the development of the company, the situation when the interview answers the question, the enterprise welcomes the person who enters the enterprise is “the confidant”, not the “blind man”.

29. What are the expectations and objectives of the work?

Answer hint: This is the question that the interviewer uses to judge whether the job seeker has a certain degree of expectation and whether he knows the job. For people who have a real learning goal in work, they usually learn faster, and the new job is easier to get into the situation. Then it is recommended that you have to find a true answer to the nature of the job. For example, a salesman can answer: “my goal is to be a super salesman and make a wide range of products.” In order to achieve this goal, I will work hard to achieve this goal, and I believe that I will be able to achieve this goal with my serious and responsible attitude. “Other types of work can also be answered in this way, as long as a slight modification on the target side.

30. Talk about your family.

It is not necessary to know the family situation of the job seeker, to explore the privacy, the enterprise does not like to explore the personal privacy, but to understand the shape and influence of the family background to the job seeker. The key to the enterprise hope to hear is the positive influence of the family on the job seeker. I love my family very much! My family has always been very harmonious, although my father and mother are ordinary people, but since I was young, I saw my father’s early morning and black work, working hard every day, his actions are invisible in the training of my conscientious attitude and diligent spirit. It was very popular that her words and deeds had been teaching me the truth of being a man, and the firm believed that a harmonious family relationship had a subtle influence on a person’s growth.

31. What do you think you are lacking in the position you apply for?

Answer hints: companies like to ask job seekers’ weaknesses, but shrewd job seekers generally don’t answer directly. They want to see such a job seeker: continue to repeat their strengths and say, “I believe I am competent for this position and my ability, but I’m just lack of experience. I think I can do it.” After entering the company for the shortest time to solve, I have a strong learning ability, I believe that I can quickly integrate into the company’s corporate culture, into the working state. “Enterprises like to be able to skilfully avoid the problem of job seekers.

32. What kind of personality do you admire?

Answer tips: honest, undead and easy to get along with people who have “practical actions”.

33. How do you usually deal with other people’s criticism?

The answer is: (1) silence is gold. No need to say anything, otherwise the situation is worse, but I will accept constructive criticism; and I will wait for everyone to calm down and discuss it.

34. How do you deal with your failure?

The answer is prompt: none of us was born perfect. I believe I have second chances to correct my mistake.

35, what will make you feel a sense of achievement?

Answer tip: do your best for your company; complete a project as far as I can.

36. What is the most important thing in your life at the moment?

Answer hint: to me, finding a job in this field is the most important thing. Looking forward to working in your company is most important to me.

37. Why are you willing to work in our company?

Answer: you have to be very careful about this problem. If you have already studied the unit, you can answer some detailed reasons, like “the high tech development environment of the company is very attractive to me.” “I was born in the same age with the company, and I hope to be able to get into a company that I grow together.” “Your company has been developing steadily and has been competitive in the market in recent years.” or “I think you can offer me a different way of development.” This shows that you have done some research, and that you have more specific vision for your future.

38. Have you ever had a dispute with others? How did you solve it?

Answer: This is the most sinister question in the interview. It’s actually a trap for the examiner. Never say anyone’s fault. Be aware that a successful solution to a conflict is a necessary ability of a member of a collaborative group. If you work in a service industry, the problem is the most important part. Can you get it? This job will depend on the answer to this question. The examiner wants to see you are mature and willing to dedicate. They know your maturity and ability through this question. In the absence of outside interference, it is the right answer through a compromise.

39. question: what do you do most proud of yourself?

Answer hints: This is an opportunity for the examiner to show you the ability to grasp the fate. This will reflect your potential leadership and the possibility of being promoted. If you are applied to a service unit, you are likely to be invited to lunch. Remember: your future depends on your knowledge, your social life. Ability and comprehensive performance.

40. you new to a department, a day and a customer to find you to solve the problem, you try to make him satisfied, but never reach the satisfaction of the masses, he complained that your department work efficiency is low, what do you do at this time?

The answer is: (1) first, I will keep calm. As a staff member, all kinds of problems in the work are normal, the key is how to understand it, actively respond, and properly handle. (2) second, I will reflect on the reasons for the dissatisfaction of the customer. First, to see if it is really considered to solve the problem. Unthoughtful place, two is to see whether the customer does not know much about the relevant service regulations and put forward requirements beyond the prescribed, three is to see whether the customer understands the relevant provisions, but the requirements are unreasonable. (3) again, according to the reasons to take relative countermeasures. If it is self inconsiderate, according to the service regulations Make a reasonable arrangement and explain to the customer; if the customer is not very aware of the misunderstanding of the policy, I will make a further explanation to him to eliminate his misunderstanding; if the request of the customer does not conform to the policy, I will point out to him clearly. China. (4) again, I will explain the whole situation to the leadership, hope to get his understanding and support. (5) I will not because the customer complained of the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the loss of my work, and will always be firmly remembered as the purpose of customer service, strive for early to do a leadership trust, the company rest assured, customer satisfaction. A clerk.